Shopping Cart Integration

Besides a fully functioning internal shopping cart, RealTimeDesigner supports many popular shopping carts. Standard integration varies as shown below. Custom integration with these carts and other systems is available. API Source code for integration is available to our users and independent developers. Our powerful API makes integration with other systems fast and easy. If you are confused by all the shopping cart options, our support staff is well versed in the benefits of each and will be glad to assist you. We can also point you to working examples of each.

Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Design Online with RealTimeDesigner Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Auto-Populate Cart Product Pages Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Pass RTD Design back to Cart Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Cart Pricing Overwrite based on Design Parameters Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Auto-Build Gallery of Designer Templates Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Sync Users between Systems Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Frontend Thumbnail Design Image shown in Cart Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify
Backend Designer Integration Magento OpenCart Wordpress w/ WooCommerce Volusion Shopify

Custom Integration

The RealTimeDesigner is far more than just an online design studio or a simple W2P (Web-to-Print) solution. Its modular structure provides some incredibly useful features that cannot be matched in other products. Thanks to our API (Application Programming Interface) which allows you to use RealTimeDesigner data in other applications. The API can be used to retrieve full details about your products, pricing, orders, users, templates, fonts, cliparts... Everything!

Seamless entry point integrations in your website

Automatically create pages that will provide links to all of your product and templates
Allow customer to configure anything about a product before entering the designer (colors, fonts, cliparts, texts, etc...)
Create on-the-fly parametric designs and have the Designer work as a proof-viewer - either interactive or static.
Create a gallery of all of your cliparts allowing users to order artwork with no product associated
Create full admin panels for your registered users where they can manage all of their RealTimeDesigner data
Create entry pages where a logo uploaded by a customer will be automatically added to any product templates
etc, etc, etc....

Integrating with any online/management system you may have

As the API can retrieve details of various things including placed orders, it's possible to build bridges to import order details into... almost any other application!

Bridging RealTimeDesigner to other Cart Systems (Opencart, Shopify, Volusion, Magento, custom carts, etc...)
Create scripts to generate you customer's invoices, shipping labels, order details, etc...
Generate import files to online/offline management applications (Zoho, Quickbooks, custom systems, etc...)
Collect all data to build your own reports
etc, etc, etc....

Can I do it myself?

If you have the skills, you may be able to do everything by yourself with no problems. All you need is a little programming abilities.
But if you just have an idea, or you don't have the skills/time to use the API yourself, we're here to help!
Call us to discuss your project, or simply to have suggestions on how to make your online flow working better.

You will be suprised in learning how beneficial using the API can be, as it allows integrating the RealTimeDesigner into your website just as if RealTimeDesigner were written entirely inside your website. Keep using your existing management tools without the need of adding extra layers. The RealTimeDesigner is created to make life easier - and we left a lot of room in it's coding concepts to grow with your business. Get in touch today to discuss the best solution for your operation and benefit from the knowledge we've gained helping hundreds of other RealTimeDesigner users!

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